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Solar shading on the patio

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Natural light control for energy efficiency, comfort and wellbeing, Sports hall of Ablitas

Aesthetic protection against the impact of the sun

This project is located in the town of Ablitas, a town and municipality in the region of Navarra, in the North-East of Spain.

The new fitness center, owned by the town council, is located within the sports facilities in this town for the use and enjoyment of all citizens who wish to do sport in their daily lives.

The architects Jose Luis Iriguibel and Patxi Valer, seeing the location and situation of the building, have opted to provide this complex with a solar control solution with our Grinotex external venetian blinds. With the large windows there is a very important impact of the sun. It was hence decided to design a solar control solution on the outside of the building, giving the building energy efficiency, comfort and wellbeing. It allows users total control of natural light and protection against the impact of the sun all year round.

To finish, we will leave you with the view of the person in charge of the center: "Thanks to the blinds, it is not so hot - they are the best thing about this building".




Sports hall of Ablitas


Ablitas, Spain

Solar shading solution



The solar control solution with Grinotex allows users total control of daylight and protection against the impact of the sun all year round.


Jose Luis Iriguibel (GURIA arquitectura – rehabilitación) Patxi Valer (Arteka Arkitectura)


Erki Construcción Sostenible, S.L.