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Expert specialist retailers receive specific product training and provide you with the assurance that your installation will be carried out professionally.

Smart Home

Lighting control – with Smart Home.

Feeling at ease especially means being able to decide how much you want to allow people to see of your home from outside. Blinds and awnings offer a customized means of managing this. You want to “seal off” a room, without having to sit in the dark? No problem: place the slats at the desired height and at the desired angle: The light comes in – prying eyes remain outside.

Your Smart Home provides the desired privacy and pleasant lighting conditions at all times. It combines natural and artificial light depending on the time of day. Wherever it is too dark, the blinds are opened and/or the lights are switched on automatically. To ensure that these are only switched on when someone is at home, the relevant time frames can be defined for the system in order to save energy. The system can also be connected to motion sensors. If no movement is detected, the lights go out. Used in combination with dimmer switches, numerous intermediate levels can be defined for a wide range of situations, such as TV evening on the couch.


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