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Griesser and weinor have a long history together. In 1991, the Griesser Group acquired a majority stake in weinor, laying the foundations for a strong and globally active partnership.

Smart Home

Simply smart

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Feeling good and well within your walls. With Griesser Smart Home.

There's nothing like a home that truly says 'home'. A place where every living being feels cozy and content. Because the temperature, the energy use, the solar shading and the privacy are all optimally set. Fully automatically, too. With Griesser Smart Home you have your home at your fingertips, by tablet or by phone. Simply smart.

Visual and thermal comfort and a healthy indoor climate. In our times of sustainability, energy saving and energy revolution, these have never been more vital.


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Daylight management

Visual comfort, refined design and smart light direction.

With our SmartHome technology, you can set and automatically regulate the natural light that is so essential to our powers of concentration and our general well-being so precisely that you’ll always maintain a harmonious ambience within your home which is calm and appealing to the eye.

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Energy savings

Thermal comfort through a perfect indoor climate with high energy efficiency.

Your rooms will be kept ideally warm or cool, while simultaneously reducing your heat-ing and cooling needs. Griesser’s smart management will save you valuable energy and can lower your energy consumption by up to 40 percent compared to air-conditioned premises* – which is good news for both your budget and the environment.

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Personal privacy

Protective comfort through sight protection for greater personal privacy.

Griesser solar shading solutions go far beyond the usual protection from the sun and the weather to provide genuinely cozy protection. They’ll enhance your privacy; and they’ll improve your security, by deterring any would-be intruder.



Bring more color into your life and save energy, too, with our venetian blinds.

  • • Optimal use of daylight without glare
  • • Available in over 150 standard colors
  • • Griesser BiColor with differing colors
  • • Unobstructed views out



Protect your home sustainably and discreetly, with our rolling shutters.

  • • Sustainable and robust
  • • Unobtrusively installable into your facade
  • • Security lock options to deter any intruders



Make your statement, for design and the environment, with our sliding shutters.

  • • Ecofriendly and maintenance-free
  • • Wide range of models and individual signature line
  • • Available in various colors, patterns and structures
  • • Sustainably made in wood or 100% recyclable (and 33% already recycled) aluminum


Start today and design your home of tomorrow.
With Griesser SmartHome.


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*Smart Home Studies: Here you will find the latest studies and research results on this topic: es-so.com